The Magic Bug Wand is a fast, easy and safe way to catch and remove bugs from your home or office!


- Captures bugs from a safe distance.

- Works on any bug, from any angle.

- No mess or dangerous chemicals.

- Your choice: release or exterminate.

Keep your home or office bug and insect free with an easy-to-use Magic Bug Wand designed for safe, cruelty-free captures. 

Whether bugs start showing up all over your home or office in the spring, fall, or summer, before you know it, you’ll be seeing spiders on the walls, roaches sneaking in the kitchen, and flying insects checking out food on your counters. But putting out chemical-filled traps or poisons isn’t always the safest or most effective way to solve the problem, especially if you have kids or pet, or you want a smarter, more humane way to deal with the problem. 

That’s why we created The Magic Bug Wand, a reusable (or disposable) bug catching system that lets you trap, collect, and release a wide range of crawling and flying insects without needing to smash them or use expensive or dangerous poisons. 

So whether your catching spiders, roaches, or any other type of insect The Magic Bug Wand is get the job done quickly and easily! So don't wait, GET YOURS TODAY!

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