Does The Magic Bug Wand really work on any bug?

It would be impossible to say it captures every bug. However, because of its sticky properties, it works on many types of bugs including spiders, roaches, and even small scorpions.



Will I be able to release every bug without harming it?

You will be able to release the vast majority of bugs without harming them if you use the product correctly. The smaller the bug, the thinner the layer of gel you should use and the lighter you must touch it when capturing. The more you use the wand, the easier it will be.



What's the best way to apply the gel?

When you apply the gel, you only need to use a small amount. The amount you should use is on the back of every package. You then want to smooth it out into a thin layer so there is a bigger surface area. You don't want to thin it out too much or it won't be sticky enough, and you don't want to leave a glob because that will make it much more difficult to stick to the insect. If the bug is really big or really small, you may need to use a little bit more or less gel respectively. After using the Magic Bug Wand once or twice, you'll get the hang of it. For a better understanding, please watch the "applying the gel" video in the How to Use section.

Sometimes bugs get stuck to the gel, how can I free them?

Giving the wand or the bag a shake, usually frees the bug from the gel. However, if that doesn’t work, the best way to free them is to use the other end of the wand or the extender stick to lightly move the bug out of the gel.



Is the gel safe to touch?

The gel is very safe to touch for you and the bug. It is 98% water and its preserved with very common preservatives.



Will the gel leave a mark if it gets on the walls or furniture?

The gel is 98% water which will evaporate quickly (within 30 minutes usually). There may be a small water spot left over but it is almost never noticeable. If you prefer, you can use your hand or a napkin to wipe the gel away and eliminate any marks.



Can I make the wand even longer?

With the extender, the wand is almost 2 feet long. If that isn’t long enough, you can buy another The Magic Bug Wand package and use the extender in that one as well to make it 3 feet long!


Why does the wand turn yellow?

The wand is made from Polyurethane, which turns yellow when it is exposed to UV light. It’s completely normal and nothing to worry about.


Sometimes I have to hurry before the bug gets away, is there any way to speed things up?

Yes! You should always complete Step 4 in advance and place the bag inside-out over the wand ahead of time. Then, when you see a bug, all you need to do is put gel on which only takes a few seconds.

I don't have an iPhone, Is there another way to get The Magic Bug Wand for free

Currently there is no other way to get the product for free, however we may have other offers in the future.


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